Beef Bourguignon and Cauliflower-Potato Mash

I’ve made beef bourguignon probably about… 2-3 times by now and each of those times, I didn’t like it. The sauce was too bitter, too sour, too something that wasn’t pleasant. I really wasn’t quite sure why people were so crazy about this dish. Sure, the name sounded fancy, but did people really enjoy thisRead more

Airbnb Experiences in Barcelona!

Not sure if you’ve heard about Airbnb Experiences yet but it’s a relatively new thing that Airbnb has launched to get travelers more immersed in their travel environments! In Barcelona, the city where I first tried Experiences, it had only been launched for about 1 month, and the group of hosts were pretty small. From whatRead more

New site!

Did you notice anything different when you visited the site today? After weeks of planning and troubleshooting, I finally moved my site over to a different template and here we are! Tadaaaa! How do you like it? I’ve had some people ask me why I decided to change the site. Honestly? Just because I canRead more