The Big Move, Pt 2: Salt Lake City to Denver

Day 2! I have never driven so far and so fast in my life. I definitely left a little too late this morning, but I arrived safe and sound in Denver just 10 minutes before the leasing office close. WHEW! Let’s go over the fun (or rather, not so fun) stuff from today.

I arrived last night in Salt Lake City around 1AM and didn’t make it to bed until about 1:30AM. Despite the late arrival, I felt like it’d be a waste if I didn’t do anything in Salt Lake City, so I decided I wanted to see the Great Salt Lake during sunrise. I woke up at 6AM and drove out to the Great Salt Lake as the sun began to rise. Perhaps it hadn’t been raining or something but the shores were a little drier than I expected. That and there were a loooot of flies in the sand–sand flies? No idea. But there were a lot!

When I got there around 6:40AM, there was basically no one there. In fact, I’m not sure I was supposed to be there since it seems the park opens at 7AM. The gates were open though, so I was able to drive in. Without any coffee and being a little chillier I wanted to be, I walked out of my car and over to the sandy shoreline and waited. Slowly but surely, the sun rose up into the horizon for a beautiful sunrise. I felt suuuuuper tired but it was totally worth getting up early and suffering through the lack of sleep.

I definitely recommend getting there super early to avoid the crowds because it really let me enjoy the sunrise. Buses of tourists arrived around 7:15AM to watch the sunrise as well, but having that first 30-ish minutes by myself was a lovely way to spend my morning before heading off on my drive.

After watching the sunrise, I went to get a large iced coffee and set off for my long drive to Denver. During this drive, I gotta say, nothing happened. I saw nothing of interest. There were some interesting rock formations, but nothing much, really. Once I hit Wyoming, it got even MORE boring. I didn’t think it was possible but let me tell you. There is nothing in Wyoming along I-80. Nothing. NOTHING.

Well, there were these windmills that I thought were rather neat. But other than that, NOTHING. I stopped a few times to get gas, mainly because I was afraid of running out of gas and not seeing anything for miles. My phone had really spotty reception along I-80 so I was really scared of being stranded in the middle of any empty grassland. So what did I do? Just drive really fast along I-80 in hopes that I could shave off some time from the ETA Google Maps gave me and make it in time to get my keys. Please excuse some of these photos–I took them blindly because I wanted to keep my eyes on the road and not kill myself.

I found windmills!
Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

So did I make it? Just 10 minutes before the office close, I did! I arrived in Denver, safe and sound, and without any furniture.

My furniture would arrive in a few days, but in the meantime, I sprawled across the floor of my new apartment, relieved that I made it in time and enjoyed soaking in the beginning of my new adventure.