Travel Tips & Tricks

Traveling is always really exciting but it takes a lot of planning! If you’re traveling by yourself, it can be even more difficult because you don’t have anyone else’s plans to fall back on; you’re on your own! Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years from traveling by myself. Click on a category or just read through everything!

  • Lodging
  • Transportation
    • Airfare
    • Ground transportation
  • Using Your Phone
  • Currency–Cash or Credit?
  • Making Friends


In today’s world, hotels aren’t the only option for lodging when you travel! While hotels are nice, they can get pricey and when you just need a place to sleep, it might not be your best option. As someone that travels by herself pretty often, I also find myself wanting to stay with locals because it allows me to make friends and get some insight into the best things to see and eat in the area. Aside from staying with friends, I generally have 2 options I look at when traveling: Airbnb and Couchsurfing. Learn below about how I use these two lodging options and how you should approach them.

Airbnb–how to pick your perfect Airbnb

Learn more about Airbnb here and how you can use it to book your perfect stay. Want to try it and get a discount? Use my link here to book your first stay and get $40 off!

Couchsurfing–what is it and how should I use it?

Learn here about the Couchsurfing site and community and how you can use it safely.


Planning your trip can be difficult, and finding a good

Using Your Phone

Generally, I don’t need to use

Currency–Cash or Credit?

Making Friends